0.9 m dome

0.9 m (36 in)
Telescope Data


Primary Mirror
diameter: 91.8 cm (36.1 in)
focal length: 3.18 m (125 in)
f-ratio: 3.5

Cassegrain f/13.5
(Dall-Kirkham) focus
focal length: 12.27 m (483 in)
f-ratio: 13.42
plate scale: 20 arcmin
plate scale: 16.8 arcsec/mm


Cassegrain f/13.5 (Dall-Kirkham) focus

The 0.9 m telescope is no longer scheduled on a regular basis. Proposals for it will not be acted upon during the regular competitions for telescope time. Observers who would have asked for the 0.9m telescope in the past are urged to request the 2.1m telescope or the 0.8 m telescope instead, as appropriate to the nature of their programs. Access to the 0.9 m telescope is limited to special VIP viewing sessions with the Visual Eyepiece (VE) or for some other unique, late-breaking scientific request. The computer control system (Drives) may not operate beyond December 31, 1999.


primary mirror weight: 203 kg (448 lbs)
primary mirror thickness: 15.5 cm (6.1 in)
telescope tube diameter: 1.19 m (47 in)
telescope tube length: 3.11 m (10 ft 2 in)
dome diameter: 6.1 m (20 ft)


construction completed: 1956
telescope contractor: Boller and Chivens Division,
the Perkin-Elmer Co.
dome: McDonald staff

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8 November 1999
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