Frequently asked questions:

How do I check out a book?
Please fill out a form (located next to the copier machine) completely with your full name, email address, and the full title and full call number of the book. Leave the form (both the white and yellow sheets) on the table.

I need a book that is not on the shelf, what do I do?
If a book is not on the shelf, but you see a red flag marker indicating to whom the book is checked out, please feel free to contact that person and request the book's return. You may also request that the librarian recall the book for you. If no red marker is in place of the missing book, please contact the librarian.

What are the librarian's hours?
The librarian's hours may be found on each of the library doors, or by contacting, 512-471-1313.

Are there materials which are designated as in library use only?
Yes. The following materials do not circulate: current periodicals, bound journals, items on the reserves shelf or on the textbook collection shelf, and anything marked Basic Data.

If I'm at McDonald Observatory and I need a book in Austin, how should I request that?
You may request a book that is held in Peridier by contacting the librarian. If a book is owned by the UT Library system, please use the Interlibrary Loan Service ( You may need to designate yourself as a Distance Learner.

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