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82 inch Otto Struve The 82 inch (2.1m) Otto Struve Telescope with the ARGOS instrument mounted on the end
top of the 82 inch A closer view of the top of the 82" telescope
night A close-up of the instrument at night
(Remember that the mirror is over 6 feet across!)
daytime close-up A close-up during the day
mirror cover closing The mirror cover closing
(Looking down at the telescope)
mirror cover closed The mirror cover closed
(This keeps dust off during the day)
scientists Astronomers doing actual ARGOS observations in the control room next to the telescope.
class A classroom participating in a live videoconference with astronomers out at McDonald Observatory.
outside Students at a Lock-In doing some night-time observing.
astronomer An astronomer at McDonald Observatory presenting a videoconference to a group of students.

12 December 2007
Astronomy Program · The University of Texas at Austin · Austin, Texas 78712
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