The Arms of M106 [STScI]

Astronomy 381S - Fall 2013

Seminar in Theoretical Astrophysics

M 3:30 · RLM 15.216B · 48625


Milos Milosavljevic

RLM 17.220 · (512) 471-3397 · email






Sep 2

Labor Day: Staff Holiday. No UT Austin classes held today.


Sep 9

Milos Milosavljevic

University of Texas at Austin

Organizational Meeting.


Sep 16

Jun-hwan Choi

University of Texas at Austin

"Formation of Primordial Super Massive Black Holes"

In this talk, I will present our recent numerical study on the direct collapse model for the super massive black hole formation. At the beginning, I will briefly review the current models of the primordial super massive black hole formation and their issues, particularly focus on direct collapse model. Then, I will present our numerical results focusing on how the collapsing flow overcomes the centrifugal barrier and whether it is subject to fragmentation. The simulations start from ~1 kpc, 2x10^8 Msun dark matter halo and we have followed this gas inflow down to ~0.0001 pc. The simulation results confirm that the halo gas can collapse down to very small scale through gaseous bar cascade with avoiding the fragmentation. In detail, we find that the collapse leads to a central runaway or to off-center fragmentation depending on the dark matter cusp and/or the initial gas disk density structure. We also observe strong turbulence motion in the collapsing medium in gas disks that can suppress gas fragmentation. Finally, I will present a rough estimation of the resulting black hole seed masses based on the sample of our simulations.



Sep 23

Patrick Crumley

Affiliation: TBA

"Radio Synchrotron Emission from the Bow Shock of G2"


Sep 30

No talk scheduled, to avoid conflict with director search meeting.


Oct 7

No Seminar scheduled, in order to avoid conflict with Frank N. Bash Symposium 2013: New Horizons in Astronomy (October 6 - 8, 2013).


Oct 14

Alan Sluder

University of Texas at Austin

"High-Resolution Simulations of the Transition Between Pop III and Pop II Star Formation"


Oct 14

Intae Jung

University of Texas at Austin

"Building Dark Matter Halo Merger Trees from N-body Simulations"


Oct 21

Hyunbae Park

University of Texas at Austin

"The Interaction between Cosmic Reionization and Small-scale Structure"


Oct 21

Jason Jaacks

University of Texas at Austin

"Properties of z >= 6 Galaxies in Cosmological SPH Simulations"


Oct 28

Jacob Hummel

University of Texas at Austin

"The First Stars: Formation under X-ray Feedback"


Nov 4

Chalence Safranek-Shrader

University of Texas at Austin

"Towards Realistic Simulations of High Redshift Population II Star Formation"


Nov 4

Brian Mulligan

University of Texas at Austin

"Type Ia Supernova, Circumstellar Shells, and High Velocity Lines: 1-D Simulation"


Nov 11

Wenbin Lu

University of Texas at Austin

"The First Observation of Unbound Debris? --- the Re-brightening Radio Emission of Swift 1644+57"


Nov 18

Kevin Jumper

University of Texas at Austin

"Simulating Merged White Dwarfs"


Nov 18

Chris Lindner

University of Texas at Austin

"Simulating Super-Eddington Radiation Driven Winds"


Nov 25

No talk scheduled.


Dec 2

Bohua Li

University of Texas at Austin

"Cosmology with Bose-Einstein-Condensed Scalar Field Dark Matter"