ngc 3521

NGC 3521 [ESO/O.Maliy]

Astronomy 386S - Fall 2015

Seminar in Extragalactic Astronomy

Th 3:30 · RLM 15.216B · 46835


Steven Finkelstein

RLM 16.210 · (512) 471-1483 · email






Aug 27

No speaker scheduled.

No talk scheduled.


Sept 3

Steve Finkelstein

University of Texas at Austin

Organizational Meeting.


Sept 10

Rebecca Larson

University of Texas at Austin

"Using Herschel Far-Infrared Photometry to Constrain Star Formation Rates in CLASH Cluster Galaxies"


Sept 17

Sabrina Cales

Yale University

(host: Shardha Jogee) Title: TBA.


Sept 24

Xingxing Huang

Johns Hopkins University

"Extreme Strong Emission Line Galaxies at z ~ 1-2 and the Implications for High Redshift Galaxies" (host: Steve Finkelstein.)



Oct 1

Keely Finkelstein

University of Texas at Austin

"Probing the Physical Properties of High-Redshift Lyman-Alpha Emitters with Spitzer"



Oct 8

Speaker: TBD

Affiliation: TBD

No talk scheduled.


Oct 15

Greg Zeimann

University of Texas at Austin

"Why Dust Attenuation at High Redshift in Truly a NUISANCE Parameter."



Oct 22


UT Austin: Physics Dept.

"The Fundamental Metallicity Relation with Dwarf Irregular Galaxies"



Oct 29

(1) Matt Stevans
(2) Akim Yildirim

(1)University of Texas at Austin
(2)University of Heidelberg, Germany

(1) "The Hobby Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment (HETDEX) and Galaxy Evolution"

(2) "Compact Elliptical Galaxies in the Local Universe"


Nov 5

Bev Wills

University of Texas at Austin

"Magnetic Field Alignment in Relativistic Jets of Active Galactic Nuclei"


Nov 12

John Kormendy

University of Texas at Austin

"Fritz Zwicky: Personal Recollections"


Nov 19

Andrew Leung

University of Texas at Austin

"Bayesian Redshift Classification of Emission-line Galaxies in HETDEX"


Nov 26

Thanksgiving Day Holiday. UT Closed. No talk scheduled.


Dec 3

Nancy Kawinwanichakij

Texas A&M University

"What do Satellite Galaxies tell us about their Dark Matter Halos and Galaxy Quenching?"