m106 across the spectrum

M106 Across the Spectrum [NASA/CXC/Caltech/STScI/JPL/NSF/NRAO/VLA]

Astronomy 386S - Spring 2015

Seminar in Extragalactic Astronomy

Th 3:30 · RLM 15.216B · Not for credit Spring 2015


Shardha Jogee

RLM 16.224 · (512) 471-1395 · email






Jan 15

Peter Erwin

MPE, Garching, Germany

SPECIAL PRESENTATION: "Composite Bulges: The Coexistence of Classical Bulges and Disky Pseudobulges in Disk Galaxies" (host: Eva Noyola)



Jan 22

Shardha Jogee

University of Texas at Austin

Organizational meeting.


Jan 29

Yi-Kuan Chiang

University of Texas at Austin

"Surveying Galaxy Proto-clusters in Emission: A Large-scale Structure at z=2.44 and the outlook for HETDEX"



Feb 5

John Feldmeier

Youngstown State University

"Observational Studies of Intracluster and Intragroup Light and how HETDEX will help"



Feb 12

Peter Behroozi

Space Telescope Science Institute

Special Colloquium: "Insights into Galaxy Formation from z =15 to the Present Day"



Feb 19

Desika Narayanan

Haverford College

Special Colloquium: "Three Problems in Trying to Form Galaxies (and how ISM Physics can Save Us"



Feb 26

Gail Zasowski

Johns Hopkins University

Special Colloquium: "New Tools for Galactic Archaeology from the Milky Way"



Mar 5

No talk scheduled


Mar 12

Christina Thompson

Northrop Grumman

Joel Green

Space Telescope Science Institute

"Webb Telescope Briefing"


Mar 19

No talk scheduled. Spring Break: March 16-20.


Mar 26

No talk scheduled.


Apr 2

No talk scheduled, due to conflict with the South by High Redshift Conference.


Apr 9

No talk scheduled.


Apr 16

John Kormendy

University of Texas at Austin

"Structure and Formation of cD Galaxies: NGC 6166 in Abell 2199"



Apr 23

No talk scheduled.


Apr 30

1) Rebecca Tippens

2) Briana Indahl

University of Texas at Austin

1) "Selection Criteria and Contamination in High-Redshift Galaxy Surveys with JWST"


May 7

Isak Wold

University of Texas at Austin

"Title: TBA"