Astronomy 383L - Spring 2016

Cosmos Seminar

W 3:30 · RLM 15.316B · Not for credit in Spring 2016

The Cosmos seminar is used for scientific seminars, interdisciplinary talks, seminars on innovative teaching techniques, and discussions of research initiatives and strategic priorities. Please contact the Department Chair, Professor Shardha Jogee, to schedule a seminar by sending email to the chair-at-astro account: chair@astro


Jan 20
No talk scheduled.

Jan 27 John Kormendy
University of Texas at Austin
"Scaling Laws for Dark Matter Halos in Late-Type and Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies"


Feb 3
No talk scheduled.

Feb 10
No talk scheduled.

Feb 17 John Lacy, Steve and Keely Finkelstein, and Harriet Dinerstein (4 speakers)
University of Texas at Austin
"Sharing Teaching Techniques and Tools"

Feb 24 Martha Boyer
NASA Goddard (host: Kristen McQuinn)
"The Key Influence of AGB Stars on the Evolution and Global Properties of Galaxies"


Mar 2
No talk scheduled.

Mar 9 Amanda Kepley
National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)
"Opening New Frontiers in the Study of Star Formation"


Mar 16
Spring Break: No talk scheduled.

Mar 23 Joel Green
Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) (host: Yao-Lun Yang)
"Extreme Accretion: The Evolution of the FU Orionis Disk"

Mar 30   No talk scheduled

Apr 6 Eric Becklin
University of California, Los Angeles (hosts: John Lacy, Dan Jaffe)
"Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA): Overview, the First Science Results, and Future Opportunities"


Apr 13 Brendan Bowler
University of Texas at Austin (Hubble Fellow)
"The Architecture, Atmospheres, and Origin of Giant Planets with High-Contrast Imaging"


Apr 20 Anshu Gupta
Australian National University (host: Chao-Ling Hung)
"Radial Distribution of Gas-Phase Metallicities of Galaxies in two CLASH Clusters at z ~ 0.35"


Apr 27 Postdoc Mentoring Commitee
University of Texas at Austin
"Applying for Your Next Job"

May 4 Linda Strubbe
University of British Columbia (host: Jeff Silverman)
"Developing scientific reasoning: at UBC and in West Africa"


29 April 2016
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