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Extragalactic Group : Dark Matter


Karl Gebhardt, John Kormendy

ADS | astro-ph

Karl Gebhardt  



Research Interests

Formation and evolution of galaxies; dynamics of stellar systems; study of supermassive black holes.

Group Areas

Extragalactic, Black Holes & AGN, Dark Matter, Instrumentation & Device Development, HETDEX: Dark Energy Experiment

ADS | astro-ph

John Kormendy  



Research Interests

Supermassive black holes in galactic nuclei; structure and dynamics of galaxies; secular evolution of galaxies; dark matter; galaxy formation and evolution.

Group Areas

Extragalactic, Black Holes & AGN, Dark Matter, Secular Evolution

[M87 (StScI/AURA)] So far, in most models the contribution of the galaxy’s dark matter halo has been neglected. Gebhardt & Thomas (2009) recently showed that the black-hole mass can be underestimated... For the massive galaxy M87 they found an increase of more than a factor of 2 in the measured black-hole mass, just by including a dark matter halo in the modeling.


Effect of a Dark Matter Halo on the Determination of Black Hole Masses astro-ph