Topics from meetings during the 2016-2017 School Year

22 October 2016

Opportunities for Texas Juniors through NASA High School Aerospace Scholars Program and
NASA Microgravity University for Educators - Shared by Karen Wilson

CosmoQuest "The Hole Story" Crater Activity - led By Keely Finkelstein

Talk by Sydney Sherman on "Measuring Astronomical Distances" [pdf]

"Transiting Exoplanets" Lecture Tutorial [docx] and Powerpoint [pptx]
from the Center for Astronomy Education - Led by Keely Finkelstein

24 September 2016

Tides Talk [pptx] and Activity [pdf] from the Maury Project - led by David Temple

CosmoQuest - InVESTAgate activities - Expedition Asteroid Parts 1 & 2 - led by Keely Finkelstein

3 December 2016

“Dwarf Galaxies: Windows into the History of the Universe” [pdf] – by Dr. Kristen McQuinn.

“Strange Stellar Abundances that Give Us Clues about Larger Questions" by Dr. Chris Sneden

Activity Presentation – “Measuring Sea Level from Space”[pdf] led by David Temple.

NASA & CosmoQuest Activity – “Follow the Falling Meteorite”[pdf] – led by Keely Finkelstein.

22 January 2017

“Stellar Abundances and Stellar Evolution” by Drs. Melike Afsafar and Chris Sneden.

“Cosmic Castaways" [YouTube video]

Active Galaxies activity [pdf] led by Keely Finkelstein.

Gamma Ray Burst activity [pdf] led by Keely Finkelstein.

11 February 2017

“Presentation on IRSA database & use in the classroom” [slides] by Jimmy Newland.

CosmoQuest – Citizen Science Classroom activity – [Google Drive share]

Presentation on APOD [UT Box share (large)] by MJ Tykoski.

Exoplanets Microlensing activity from the Center for Astronomy Education [slides] [activity] led by Keely Finkelstein.

Last revised 26 October 2016