Topics from meetings during the 2015-2016 School Year

23 April 2016

Talk by Chris Sneden - "Close Binaries" [pdf | pptx]

Talk by Brendan Bowler - "The Detection and Diversity of Exoplanets" [pdf]

Movie / Photos from SOFIA and EXES Group by Mary Kay Hemenway [mp4] (150MB)

Quadrant Activity led by Mary Kay Hemenway:
Quadrant Activity [doc]
Quadrant Template [pdf]

Create Your Own Science Adventure Books and Activities - by MJ Tykoski:
Astronomy Riddle [pdf]
Astronomy Text [pdf]
Chemistry Riddle [pdf]
Chemistry Text [pdf]
Geology Riddle [pdf]
Geology Text [pdf]

13 February 2016

Announcements on Educator Resources - Upcoming Workshops & Events:
UT Engineering / STEM Girls Day
Earth Educators Rendezvous 2016 Workshop
Lift-Off Summer Institute (Texas Space Grant)

LIGO / Gravitational Waves Discussion & Videos:
LIGO: Journey of a G-Wave
LIGO Detects Gravitational Waves
Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Merger [pdf]

Talk by Greg Mace - "IGRINS & How Stars Waltz, Mosh, & Line Dance" [pdf | pptx]

Kepler Transit Tracks Activity - led by Keely Finkelstein:

LCOGT Impact Craters Activity - led by Keely Finkelstein:
Worksheet [pdf]

30 January 2016

Talk by Dr. Chris Sneden - "The Variable Star Zoo" [pptx | pdf]

Presentation about the new Texas Museum of Science & Technology and Planetarium - by Jessica Wigley

LCOGT "Measuring the Age of the Universe" activity - led by Keely Finkelstein

"Strange New Planet" activity from Mars Education Program - led by Keely Finkelstein.
LPI Newsletter Article about activity [pdf]

Interactive Kepler Exoplanet Transit Hunt activity - led by Keely Finkelstein

5 December 2015

Talk by Chris Sneden - "Historical Take on Spectroscopy and Chemical Analysis"

Talk and Tour of HETDEX lab by Briana Indahl (pdf)

SOFIA IR camera activities:
"Seeing the Invisible" (pdf)
FLIR ONE vs Seek Thermal Compacts

SOFIA IR "Listening to Light" activities (pdf)

17 October 2015

"Astronomy in the News" - Dr. Chris Sneden

"Make your own Pulsar Model Activity" led by Dr. Keely Finkelstein -
Found here (pdf) on page 32

"Observing with LCOGT in the Classroom / Make Your Own 3-color image coding activity" - Jimmy Newland

"Search for Other Worlds" talk - Dr. Mike Endl
Presentation slides (pdf)

Last revised 18 May 2016