Topics from meetings during the 2014-2015 School Year

31 January 2015

Talk by Chris Sneden "McDonald Observatory Press Releases - Triumphs and Questions" [pdf]

Moon and Tides activities from LPI - Presented by Keely Finkelstein
Dance of the Moon and Oceans
Moon Mythbusters

Talk by Keely Finkelstein - "Star Formation in Distant Galaxies"

Ranking Tasks on the Seasons

15 November 2014

Updates on AAS Trip

Talk by Prof. Chris Sneden on "An Infant Instrument at McDonald Observatory (IGRINS) - Spies on Geriatric Stars of the Milky Way"

Discussion with Dr. Matt Richter on SOFIA / EXES Fligths

EXES t-shirts available for purchase through Matt Richter


Presentation by Kathy Wilson & Steve Biles: "SOFIA - What's Getting Through to You" [pptx]

25 October 2014

Update on EXES Teachers Program and Opportunities - Keely Finkelstein

Talk by Mary Kay Hemenway on "My SOFIA Experience"

LCOGT Discussion and Demo - Keely Finkelstein

Systemic Live and Super Planet Crash demos

Talk by Dr. Matt Richter on "Status Update on EXES and SOFIA"

Last revised 6 February 2015