Topics from meetings during the 2012-2013 School Year

26-29 June 2013

EXES Teacher Workshop and Observing Experience at McDonald Observatory

Workshop website ~ Workshp images

20 April 2013

"Preparing for an Observing Run" [pptx] by Chris Sneden

"Simple Instruments for Complicated Physics" - HETDEX talk and Lab Tour by Sarah Tuttle

Activity on Moon Phases by Quentin Donnellan

30 March 2013

Discussion on Planck CMB results by Chris Sneden

Cosmic Times 2019 Activity by Keely Finkelstein

Talk on "Disk Galaxies" [pdf] by Dr. Irina Marinova

Activity "Are Our Eyes Deceiving Us?" by Hepsy Singh

Science in the Media Activities by Keely Finkelstein

23 February 2013

JWST at SXSW event advertisement by Keely Finkelstein

Presentation on SOFIA tour from January 2013 American Astronomical Society Meeting by Quentin Donnellan & Natascha Cox

Solar System Formation [ppt (67MB) | pdf] by Natascha Cox, based on presentations at the January 2013 American Astronomical Society Meeting.

Introduction to new NASA education resources website: NASA Wavelength by Keely Finkelstein

Cosmic Microwave Background Activity [pdf] from Cosmic Times by Keely Finkelstein

Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network education "Star in a Box" activity by Keely Finkelstein

8 December 2012

Presentation by Chris Sneden "Galactic Archeology with HERMES (GALAH)"

Presentation by John Lacy "History of Observations of the Galactic Center"
(Sample of two (1 and 2) of the papers Dr. Lacy presented)

Presentation by MJ Tykoski on the "Opening of the Perot Museum of Nature and Science"

Update on EXES Summer Teacher Workshop at McDonald Observatory by Keely Finkelstein

"Hubble Law" activity by Keely Finkelstein [docx]

27 October 2012

Update on SOFIA by Keely Finkelstein

Update on AAS Meeting and SOFIA tour by Keely Finkelstein

"Diffraction" activity by Quentin Donnellan

"X-ray Vision" classroom activity by MJ Tykoski
X-ray Power Point [pptx]
X-ray Handout [docx]

Presentation by Dr. Matt Richter "Update on EXES / SOFIA Status"

Presentation by Dr. Joel Green "Dust / Ices in Young Stars Using the Herschel Space Observatory"

22 September 2012

Multiple Populations in Globular Clusters by Chris Sneden

Omega Cen Globular Cluster HR Diagram Animation

Update on SOFIA by Keely Finkelstein

More than Magnifiers Activity [pdf] presented by Mary Kay Hemenway

Star and Planet Formation Role Playing Activity [pdf] and accompanying powerpoint [ppt] presented by Keely Finkelstein

Lecture Tutorials on Star and Planet Formation presented by Keely Finkelstein

Last revised 8 July 2013