Topics from meetings during the 2011-2012 School Year

21 April 2012

Gas, Dust, and Stars in Galaxies by Erin Mentuch Cooper

The James Webb Space Telescope ppt by Natasha Cox,
based on presentations at the January 2012 American Astronomical Society meeting.
See also JWST teacher resources from NASA.

NASA and NSF Budgets - an overview from Physics Today by Mary Kay Hemenway

Spitzer Space Telescope - an activity by Maureen Adams and David Temple
with video conferences to Varoujan Gorjian (JPL) and Adam Keeton (teacher) about the NITARP program for teachers/students.

24 March 2012

Update on SOFIA by Mary Kay Hemenway

Gamma-Ray Astronomy by Chris Sneden

Global Warming (based on "Astronomers: Teach Climate Change!", an AAS splinter meeting) by Kelley Janes and Sherre Boothman

Lecture Tutorial on the Greenhouse Effect presented by Mary Kay Hemenway

Dark Skies: Globe at Night based on an AAS meeting workshop by Dee Dee Sengelmann

4 February 2012

Antarctic Astronomy by Chris Sneden

Sorting the Cosmic Zoo from Swift Gamma Ray Educator Guide - presented by Mary Kay Hemenway

World Wide Telescope by Karen Green and Hepsy Singh

10 January 2012

American Astronomical Society meeting

aas meeting 2012

Poster in PDF format

10 December 2011

"Meeting our neighbors: dwarf spheroidal galaxies" by Chris Sneden

"Parallax: Measurements with a cross-staff" presented by Sam Harrold
based on an exercise from Modern Astronomy: An Activities Approach by Hemenway and Robbins

"Galactic Palentology: Support your Local Universe" by Mia Bovill

12 November 2011

"Massive Stars" by Chris Sneden

"Phases of the Moon as Presented in Children's Books" (a high school activity) by Kelley Janes

"Spectroscopy: A Tool for Astronomy" by Mary Kay Hemenway

Implementing Beyond the Solar System: Expanding the Universe in the Classroom by Mary Kay Hemenway

1 October 2011

"Density Wave Theory" by Sam Harrold

"Star Formation in HII Region Environments" by Keely Finkelstein

SOFIA update by Mary Kay Hemenway

An engagement activity using salt by Jody Harkrider

"Evidence is Clear" from Cosmic Times by Mary Kay Hemenway

Last revised 23 April 2012