Topics from meetings during the 2009-2010 School Year

8 May 2010

Space Observatories and their Orbits by Dee Dee Sengelmann

"17 Key Developments in the History of the Extraterrestrial Life Debate",
based on a talk given at the American Astronomical Society meeting by Michael J. Crowe, by Quentin Donnellan

GCET and the Hubble Constant by Wade Green

10 April 2010

SpaceX - Commercial Space Vehicles by Dennis Underwood

Report on AAS Splinter Meeting Sustainable Energy, the Environment & Astronomy: Education and Action
by John Lacy and Jody Harkrider with contributions from Sherre Boothman

Sustainable Energy, a resource suggested by John Lacy

The Drake Equation by Samuel Herrold

How Did the Solar System Form? by Colette Salyk

10 February 2009

RR Lyrae Stars and George Preston by Chris Sneden

Astronomy in the Marketplace by Samuel Harrold

Top Ten Things I Learned at the AAS meeting by M J Tykoski

A Night at the IRTF a classroom activity by M J Tykoski

Update on SOFIA by Mary Kay Hemenway

5 December 2009

Speed of Light - an engagment activity (.pdf) by Jody Harkrider

How far is a Light Year? - an activity (.doc) by Claire Hodgin
with an accompanying PowerPoint presentation
Permission to use and share, but not permission to change, is granted.

Introduction to Educational Uses of Second Life - by Mary Kay Hemenway

Planet Construction on the Galactic Scale - by Joel Green

Hubble's Law - an activity by Samuel Herrold

14 November 2009

White Dwarf Stars by Kurtis Williams

Comets by Samuel Harrold

The Telescopes of Mauna Kea by Sherre Boothman, Karen Green, and Hepsy Singh

Tour of the Other Worlds exhibit at the Harry Ransom Center by Mary Kay Hemenway

3 October 2009

"Telescopes and Adaptive Optics" by Chris Sneden

Report on Mauna Kea Telescopes by MJ Tykoski and Natasha Cox

Refractive Optics and Galileoscopes by Mary Kay Hemenway

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