Topics from meetings during the 2008-2009 School Year

18 April 2009

"Sailing off the Edge of Spiral Galaxies with VIRUS-P" by Peter Yoachim

Stellar Evolution ranking Tasks by Mary Kay Hemenway

Poetry in the classroom selected by Mary Kay Hemenway

Making Color Images with ImageJ by Kyle Fricke

28 March 2009

Photometry: Measuring Stellar Brightness by Chris Sneden

Ranking Tasks on Luminosity by Mary Kay Hemenway

MONET: Operations and Software by Kyle Fricke

21 February 2009

Preview of Eyes on the Skies

Report on opening of the International Year of Astronomy by Jody Harkrider

The IYA song: Shoulders of Giants

Update on TEXES and IRTF by John Lacy

Astronomy Village: Investigating the Solar System introduced by M. K. Hemenway

HETDEX Powerpoint by Chris Sneden

13 December 2008

Update on EXES

Written Document Analysis on Kennedy/Johnson memos

Field trip to LBJ Library
To the Moon: the American Space Program in the 1960's exhibit
- led by M K Hemenway

Supernova - by Chris Sneden

15 November 2008

Phoenix: Detecting Water on Mars - presented by Mary Kay Hemenway

Astronomically-related art at the Blanton, a tour led by Mary Kay Hemenway

Galaxy Motions and Dark Matter by Amy Forestell

4 October 2008

The Periodic Table and Stellar Spectra by Chris Sneden

The International Year of Astronomy by Mary Kay Hemenway

The Galaxies and Cosmos Explorer Tool, an activity presented by Kyle Fricke

Last revised 20 April 2009