Topics from meetings during the 2007-2008 School Year

10 May 2008

Update on TEXES and EXES by John Lacy

Journey through Grad School by Marty Bitner

  • Observations of Non-spherical Stars in Binary Systems

  • TEXES Survey of H2 in Protoplanetary Disks

Black Hole Demo by Jody Harkrider

Hands-on activity led by Mary Kay Hemenway

23 February 2008

AAS Meeting experiences by Sherre Boothman, Kelley Collier, Karen Green, and Jody Harkrider

Radial Velocity and Astrometric Signals used in Detection of Extrasolar Planetary Systems by Barbara McArthur

SOFIA and the weather by John Lacy

Coma Cluster of Galaxies: An Activity presented by Mary Kay Hemenway

6-10 January 2008

American Astronomical Society meeting, including a paper

1 December 2007

Chemistry of high-mass star-forming complex NGC 7538 IRS 9: Preliminary Results from TEXES by John Barentine

Teachers at Gemini - a report by Dee Dee Senglemann, Jody Harkrider, and David Temple

Observing Comet 17P/Holmes by John Lacy

Copernicus and Tycho Brahe by Mary Kay Hemenway

Listening to Light, an activity from SOFIA's Active Astronomy presented by Mary Kay Hemenway

6 October 2007

Studies of High Mass Star Formation by John Lacy

Galaxies, Quasars, and Black Holes Oh, My! by Sarah Salviander

Ranking Tasks on Seasons presented by Mary Kay Hemenway

Investigating the Universe from Astronomy Village, a NASA sponsored product
developed at Wheeling Jesuit University/NASA Classroom of the FutureTM.
Facilitated by Mary Kay Hemenway.

15 September 2007

Light and Spectroscopy Concept Inventory, presented by Mary Kay Hemenway

Stellar Spectral Classification by Chris Sneden

SOFIA and EXES by John Barentine

TEXES and stellar disks by Dan Jaffe

"Lives of Stars" - a drama, presented by Mary Kay Hemenway

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