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taylor hoyt

Taylor Hoyt

Taylor Hoyt Wins Eva Stevenson Woods Scholarship

May 2015

Among the University's most prestigious, the Eva Stevenson Woods Unrestricted Endowed Presidential Scholarship has been awarded to third year astronomy and physics major Taylor Hoyt. Taylor has been working with Don Winget and Mike Montgomery in the White Dwarf Group. This summer he will work in Notre Dame's REU program with Dr. Peter Garnavich, analyzing spectra of cataclysmic variables, using Large Binocular Telescope Data. Starting in 2015-16 Taylor serves as Co-President of the Astronomy Students Association (ASA).

Ben Helgeson and Sierra Hickman

Astronomy Students Install New Camera Mount at McDonald

April 2015

Sierra Hickman and Ben Helgeson, members of the White Dwarf Freshman Research Initiative (FRI) group, mounted the group's Pro-EM camera onto both the MONET and 36" telescopes at McDonald Observatory. In order to fit the camera onto the telescopes, they built a mounting plate that was "universal" and could fit both telescopes. Sierra and Ben combined old mount designs for both telescopes into one functional design. They had the design fabricated, with the help of the department machine shop, and installed the mount and camera onto the telescopes.

James Diekmann Wins 2015 Undergraduate Research Forum Award

April 2015

james diekmann

James Diekmann

Senior student James Diekmann won the CNS Award for Excellence in Astronomy & Astrophysics Research at the recent Undergraduate Research Forum. Under the supervision of Steve Finkelstein, James' research focuses on finding galaxies at high redshift (Z~8). The goal is to constrain the bright end of the luminosity function. By doing this, we can gain insight as to how galaxies have formed since the early universe. Award winners will be honored at the Undergraduate Research Forum Awards Banquet. A full list of awards winners can be found here.