Astronomy 307 - Spring 2014

Introductory Astronomy

TTh 12:30-2 · RLM 5.104 · 48675


We are covering chs. 19 and 20 this week (April 15, 17); we may take the next few chapters out of order, which will be announced. The last regular, 20-point homework, Homework 6, will be available Thurs., Apr. 17 and due Thurs., Apr. 24. To ensure that your HW 6 is graded and returned before Exam 3 on May 1, please turn it in before class on Thursday. The second "Extra Credit" mini-homework was distributed on Tuesday and is due Tues., Apr. 22 before class. This is a small project using NED; you will find a link to it on the Links page.

The records of participation points are rapidly being brought up to date on CANVAS. If you have any questions about these or other scores on specific assignments, please email your T.A.

Continuing opportunities to earn participation credit outside of the class include: Star Parties (maximum of 3), Cosmos episodes (maximum of 4), and possibly a special seminar (on Apr. 25). See the Out of Class Events page for details.


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