very large array


Undergraduate Studies 303 - Spring 2014

Extraterrestrial Life

TTh 9:30-11 · PAI 3.02
Unique Nos. 65070, 65075, 65080, 65085, 65090, 65095, 65100, 65105, 65110


The study guide for Exam 4 is available under Exams.

A list of common problems on Exam 3 is available under Exams.

The help sessions for Exam 4 will be
Tuesday 5 PM RLM 15.216B
Wednesday 5-7 PM BUR 136

Remember that the last test cannot be dropped, so be sure to take it. You may bring with you your Drake equation sheet (Appendix 5 of the book) with just your numbers, no other writing.

See document under Papers on how the points will be allocated for the papers.


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