Astronomy 307 - Spring 2014

Introductory Astronomy

TTh 9:30-11 · RLM 5.104 · 48670


There are several clarifications and one correction on HW 6, due Thurs., Apr. 24. (The Extra Credit galaxy project is due Tues., Apr. 22.) In Problem 2, the distance modulus should be (m - M) = 40.5, not 45.4. For a bonus point, do the problem for the latter as well as the former, and discuss the results.

Clarifications and hints: In problem 1(b), assume the rotation period you found in 1(a). In Problem 3(b), the comparison value is on p. 582, not p. 592, of the text. Special units: kpc = kiloparsecs = 1000 parsecs, and Mpc = Megaparsecs. Throughout this problem set be careful about what units you are using and take care that your unit conversions are done correctly.

This coming week we will finish ch. 20 (section 20.3), then skip ahead to chs. 22 and 23. I hope that we will have time to cover ch. 21 afterwards.

With regard to the Out of Class Events which can earn participation credit, bear in mind that there are limits to how much credit you may receive for these. Initially the rule was that no more than 2.0 points could be earned from activities outside class. In view of the ice days, we have relaxed this cap a bit. However, you still cannot earn more than 1.5 points from Star Parties, nor more than 2.0 points for Cosmos episodes; further write-ups do not count. Furthermore, overall participation credit is capped at 10.0 points; in other words, participation cannot compensate for lost credit on homeworks and exams.


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