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Wenbin Lu wins Named Fellowship

wenbin lu

Wenbin Lu

March 2015

Wenbin Lu has been selected by the Graduate School for a named continuing fellowship. The fellowship includes a full 12 months of support for the 2015/2016 year.

Under the supervision of Pawan Kumar, Wenbin has investigated ways of finding out observationally whether massive stars that collapse to produce gamma-ray bursts are in binary systems or in a rich star forming cluster as one would expect for massive stars. The method he has suggested is to look for photons from the companion star (or other stars in the cluster) scattered by electrons in the GRB jet to very high energies (> 100 MeV). In the paper he recently submitted for publication, he has predicted the flux of high energy photons that an observatory such as Fermi should see.

He has two additional papers in the works regarding the disruption of a star by the tidal gravity of a supermassive blackhole when the trajectory of the star passes close to the blackhole.

Pi Day (3/14/15)

March 2015

pi artwork

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aaron juarez

Aaron Juarez

The university community was asked to submit artistic interpretations of Pi, the beloved mathematical constant, for a virtual gallery in celebration of Pi Day this past weekend. First-year grad student Aaron Juarez contributed two pieces of original art. He used Python's Numpy and matplotlib to envision these works.