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Frank Edmonds Memorial Fellowship Awarded to Raquel Martinez and Wenbin Lu

raquel martinez

Raquel Martinez

wenbin lu

Wenbin Lu

January 2016

Raquel Martinez and Wenbin Lu have been awarded the 2015 Frank Edmonds Memorial Fellowship. The award is given to a second or third year graduate student who shows promise in research.

Raquel was chosen for her work with Dr. Adam Kraus on the PSF-fitting (Point Spread Function) search of archival Spitzer imaging data to identify wide-orbit planets around young stars. Outside of UT Austin, Raquel works on two other research projects, including a study of the young eclipsing binary system BM Ori with Dr. Seth Redfield of Wesleyan University, and a follow-up study of candidate debris disks from WISE with Dr. Deborah Padgett of Caltech.

Wenbin was chosen for his work with Dr. Pawan Kumar for outstanding contributions to research in gamma-ray bursts and the tidal disruption of stars by super-massive blackholes. He developed a method for determining the property of the star cluster in which a star explodes to produce a gamma-ray burst, and has also beautifully pieced together multi-wavelength data for a spectacular TDE (Tidal Disruption Event) that was detected a few years ago. Wenbin’s papers on these subjects have been well received.