Astronomy 382C - Fall 2016

Astrophysical Gas Dynamics

TTh 2-3:30 · RLM 15.216B · 47605


Paul Shapiro · RLM 16.204 · (512) 471-9422 · email · Office Hours TBD

Course Description

Bullet Cluster


Simulation of galaxy clusters colliding (P. Shapiro,

bullet cluster

Bullet Cluster (NASA/Chandra/STScI/ESO)

Mystic Mountain


Simulation of molecular cloud ionized by young star (G. Mellema,

mystic mountain

Mystic Mountain in Carina Nebula (NASA/STScI)

Galaxy Formation


Simulation (click) of supernovae driven explosion during galaxy formation (P. Shapiro,

mystic mountain

M82-Exploding Starburst Galaxy (NASA/Spitzer)

23 August 2016
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