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AST 381C/PHY 394U/GEO 391 Syllabus
Fall 2015

Course Title: "Astrophysical Gravitational Dynamics"
Course Number: AST 381C (Unique No. 46810)
PHY 394U (Unique No. 55840)
GEO 391 (Unique No. 27190)
Course Description: Orbital, collective, and tidal effects of astronomical objects, such as stars, galaxies, planets and the interstellar medium, under the influence of a gravitational field. Topics will include stellar and galactic dynamics, elements of cosmological structure formation, and a very brief introduction to general relativity.
Hours: Tu, Th 12:30-2:00 p.m.
Location: RLM 15.216B
Textbooks: Binney, J. & Tremaine, S. Galactic Dynamics: (2nd Edition) (Princeton University Press) ISBN: 9780691130279
Exams: None
Homework: (1) Problem sets will be assigned.
(2) One end-of-semester student lecture on a topic selected in consultation with the professor, with lecture notes handed in.
Grading: Course grade will be based upon the problem sets and student talk/lecture notes.
Professor Paul R. Shapiro
Office: RLM 16.204
Phone: (512) 471-9422
Email: shapiro@astro.as.utexas.edu
Hours: After class, or by appt
Prerequisites: Suitable for all beginning or advanced graduate students in astronomy or physics.