Astronomy 152M - Fall 2013

Stellar Astronomy Laboratory

RLM 15.201 · Unique No. 48560


The observing schedule is posted, observations will begin next Monday (Sep 9). I (Brian) will meet with each group at the beginning of their first observing night. Groups should meet at the telescope at 7 pm unless you make your own other arrangements. Lab 2 will be posted soon, and printed copies will be in the telescope control room.

We will meet after class on Thursday at 2 pm to get everyone set up with access to the astronomy computer lab (RLM 15.201).

The first lab worksheet is due Tues, Sep 17 at 5 pm. Email me if you have questions. I will be in class on Thursday as well.

double cluster perseus

La Silla Observatory, Chile [ESO]


Harriet Dinerstein

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