Woody ( 1991 - 2003)

We adopted Woody from the local Golden Retriever rescue group, Gold Ribbon Rescue in 2000 -- or so say the official papers. He started off as a foster dog but after a few months, he decided life in the Robinson household was good and he adopted us. Woody passed away November 28, 2003 at age 12.

These three pictures show Woody at a local park, dozing on a backpacking trip in the Pecos Wilderness of New Mexico, and sitting in a field of bluebonnets.
Woody suffered from glaucoma, finally losing his eyesight altogether at age 11 despite much veterinary care, and was blind for the last year of his life. According to the veterinarian and from our observations, the useless eyes hurt, so they were surgically removed. I became a seeing-eye person. We developed a set of specialized commands to help him get around ("step up", "step down", "touch you", "turn left", "stop", and so on). Woody adapted remarkably well and seemed quite happy until sickness overtook him in the final couple of months.

Here is King Woody in formal regalia painted by the great artist Hans Holstein, the spotted.