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Welcome to the Astronomy Students Association at the University of Texas at Austin!

Important information

Deadlines for research opportunities over the summer are coming up! Visit the NSF website to find out more about these.

Astronomy News

Famous Red Star Betelgeuse is Spinning Faster than Expected; May Have Swallowed a Companion 100,000 Years Ago

Astronomer J. Craig Wheeler of The University of Texas at Austin has spend many years doing research on Betelgeuse, the brightest red star in the constellation of Orion. Working with an international group of undergraduate students, among which is the ASA treasurer Jamie Sullivan, Wheeler has found evidence that the red supergiant star may have been born with a companion star, and later swallowed it.

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Join us for our next meeting:

Dr Stella Offner will be talking about her research on star formation!

When: Wednesday November 8th, 2017

Where: RLM 15.216B

Time: 5:30 PM


Look at some of our photos and the images that astronomy students can make!

Beautiful image of the night sky at the Canyon of The Eagles. Taken during ASA camping trip by Kaartik Gupta.

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