0.8 m (36") Telescope

thirty-six inch telescope

The 0.9m telescope is no longer scheduled as a McDonald Observatory research telescope. Currently, observing time on the telescope is used for public educational programs. The programs consist of star parties for attendees of our Elder Hostel and Teacher Education Workshops. Occasionally, the telescope is used for special VIP viewing sessions. Observers who would have asked for the 0.9m telescope in the past are urged to request the 2.1m telescope or the 0.8m telescope instead, as appropriate to the nature of their programs.

Observing Support: 0.9 m Telescope


Cassegrain f/13.5 (Dall-Kirkham) focus


Primary Mirror
Diameter 91.8 cm (36.1")
Focal length 3.18 m (125")
F-ratio 3.5
Cassegrain f/13.5 (Dall-Kirkham) focus
Focal length 12.27 m (483")
F-ratio 13.42
Field angle 20 arcmin
Plate scale 16.8 arcsec/mm


Primary Mirror
Weight 203 kg (448 lbs)
Thickness 15.5 cm (6.1")
Telescope Tube
Diameter 1.19 m (47")
Length 3.11 m (10'2")
Diameter 6.1 m (20')


Completed 1956
Telescope Boller and Chivens Division, the Perkin-Elmer Co.
Dome McDonald Staff