What drives AGN and starburst activity in galactic nuclei ?

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The Molecular gas in Active and Inactive Nuclei (MAIN) survey
The molecular gas in active and inactive nuclei survey or MAIN survey (Jogee, Baker, Sakamoto, Scoville) is the largest interferometric radio survey done to date of molecular gas in active and inactive galactic nuclei.The survey is a combination of high resolution (1"-2" or 100-200 pc) CO(1-0) and C0(2-1) observations, along with HCN(1-0) observations take over 2000--2003 at Caltech's OVRO mm array, combined with three published high resolution surveys : the Sakamoto et al. (1999) CO(1-0) survey of CO-luminous spirals,the Jogee et al (1999; 2005) CO (1-0) survey of starbursts and non-starbursts, and the Baker (2000) CO (1-0) and CO (2-1) survey of AGN with broad Halpha emission. The sample consists of 44 nearby moderately inclined galaxies, which host active (AGN) and inactive (IGN) galactic nuclei and show an order of magnitude variation in star formation efficiency. The goal of the survey is to explore physical conditions and dynamical properties of the molecular gas, and constrain the drivers of the activity levels. In particular