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Astro 376 (Unique 47825)/ Fall 2012

A Practical Introduction to Research

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Prof. Shardha Jogee
Th 10 to 11 am
or by appointment
RLM 16.224
(512) 471-1395
Tim Weinzirl
Wed 1 to 2 pm
or by appointment
RLM 17.308
(512) 471-3415

Selected Material from Lectures/Assignments
    You will find below, mostly in pdf format, selected parts of the lecture, such as tutorials, figures, and plots. Many of these materials are password-protected and you will be given the id and password to access them in class. The main notes, explanations, and demos will be covered only in class where in-class quiz/activities will count toward the final grade.

  • As requested by the CNS Freshman Research Initiative program, please fill in the CURE (classroom undergraduate reseach experience) pre-survey before Oct 1.
  • Concepts and background related to Homework 3 where you use IDL to analyze the catalog of a large survey of galaxies conducted with Hubble, Spitzer, and ground-based telescopes, and to explore the mass and star formation rate of galaxies at early cosmic epochs (Tu Nov 20)

Extra Class Resources

Contact information and Classes
  • Directory for the UT Astronomy Program
    To secure RLM access after-hours, please contact Rachel Walker after you get your proximity card. To contact the computer helpdesk, please send email to helpdesk@astro.as.utexas.edu with the subject heading "AST 376" or/and walk to RLM 15.320A or 15.320B.

Undergraduate Research

Meetings/Conferences in Astronomy/Astrophysics where undergrads can participate

  • Annual Bash symposium is organized typically every 2 years in October by UT Astronomy department: undergrads can attend and often present posters!

Internet Articles

Astronomy softwares, IDL library, Data Archives, etc

  • The AASTeX LaTeX-based package: This LaTeX-based package that can be used to prepare papers and tables for electronic submission to American Astronomical Society (AAS) journals, such as the Astrophysical Journal and The Astronomical Journal, as well as some non-AAS journals like the Publications of the Astronomical Society.