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Astro 376 (Unique 49555)/ Fall 2009

A Practical Introduction to Research

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Prof. Shardha Jogee
Wed, 10 am to 11 am or by appointment
RLM 16.224
(512) 471-1395
John Jardel
Mon, 5 pm to 6 pm or by appointment
RLM 16.318
(512) 471-3466

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Selected Material from Lectures/Assignments
    You will find below, mostly in pdf format, selected parts of the lecture, such as figures and plots. The main notes, explanations, and demos will be covered only in class where in-class quiz/activities will count toward the final grade.

  • IRAF Exercise 2: Basic CCD Reduction & Relative Photometry : You will work with images taken on 82-inch at McDonald Observatory. You will carry out basic CCD data reduction and apply bias, dark, and flat field corrections, in order to remove instrumental effects. Then you will perform relative differential photometry to produce a light curve of a variable white dwarf star.
  • Homework 2: Dissecting Galaxies Along the Hubble Sequence with IRAF . You will characterize the bulge, bar, spiral arms and outer disk of spiral galaxies. You will make a zeroth order estimation of the bulge-to-disk (B/D) luminosity ratio, which astronomers have used for decades to classify galaxies along the Hubble sequence. You will characterize the steeply declining surface brightness profile (called a de Vaucouleurs profile) of ellipticals, which is believed to result from certain types of major mergers of spirals.

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