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Astro 358 (Unique 49520)/ Spring 2008

Galaxies and the Universe

Course Overview

Prof. Shardha Jogee
Tu 5-6 pm or by appointment
RLM 16.224
(512) 471-1395
Rongfeng Shen
Mon 5-6 pm or by appointment
RLM 16.304B
(512) 232-5641
  • Course Grade Your grades will be posted online on eGradebook. I strongly recommend that you attend classes as assignments are primarily based on the lectures and your in-class participation count directly toward your final grade. The final grade will consist of
      40% Homeworks
      20% Midterm exam
      20% End-of-term exam
      20% In-class activities (e.g., quiz) and class participation
    When converting your final numerical grades to letter grades, I will use the scheme below or one that is slightly more lenient:
      A= 85% to 100%
      B= 75% to 84%
      C= 65% to 74%
      D= 50% to 64%
      F= 0% to 49%
  • Class Policies (1) There will be about 4 homeworks. Late homeworks will be accepted only if you have been granted an extension prior to the due date and will receive only partial credit; (2) There will be no final comprehensive exam; (3) There will be makeup exams only for students having a valid excuse and an official note from UT for the specific date and time of the missed exam. Makeup exams may be based on any part of the course; (4) We will accept requests for correction or re-grade of an assignment (homework, exam or quiz), at latest two weeks after it is handed back to you or posted on eGradebook; (5) You are encouraged to study with other students, but you must write up your own homework, exams, and quizzes. Cheating will be severely punished: if you copy someone's homework/quiz/exam or let someone copy yours, both of you will receive zero credit, and I will consider filing a report to the Dean of Students.

Current Announcements
  • Homework 4 is due on Tu Apr 29 in class. The solution set for it will be posted immediately after class, so that you can preview it before the exam.

Selected Material from Lectures/Assignments
    You will find below, mostly in pdf format, selected parts of the lecture, such as figures and plots. The main notes, explanations, and demos will be covered only in class where in-class quiz/activities will count toward the final grade.


    • Ch 3.4, AIMSA (Blackbody Radiation, Wien's Law, Stefan-Boltzmann Equation).
    • Ch 20, UNI (Evolution and Death of High and Low Mass Stars)

    [Book references: GIU = "Galaxies in the Universe", Sparke & Gallagher, Cambridge University Press, 2000; AIMSA = "An Introduction to Modern Stellar Astrophysics", Ostlie, D. A., Addison-Wesley, 1996; UNI = "Universe", 8th edition, Freedman & Kaufmann]

  • Papers on effect of interactions on the cosmic SFR density over last 7 billion years

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