The First HET Planet: A Companion to HD 37605 (K0V)

updated: 03/11/2005

The planetary companion to the K0V star HD 37605 is the first extrasolar planet discovered with the Hobby-Eberly Telescope (HET) and its High Resolution Spectrograph (HRS). In 2004 the flexible HET queue schedule observing mode allowed us to characterize the orbit of the planet within one orbital cycle after the star was identified as planet host candidate. This makes the HET/HRS an ideal facility for planet hunting. The planet is in an eccentric orbit (e = 0.68) with a period of 55 days and has a mass of M sin i = 2.3 M [Jupiter].

HD 37605 b: The HET/HRS velocities (solid points) phased to the orbital period of the planet with the highly eccentric orbit overplotted as red line. The companion has a minimum mass of 2.3 M[Jup] and the orbital semi-major axis is 0.25 AU.
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Updated parameters of the planet and its orbit:
Period = 55.0 ± 0.094 [days]
T periastron = 2452992.9857 ± 0.6489 [days]
e = 0.6771 ± 0.0085
omega = 218.344 ± 1.453 [deg]
K = 204.4 ± 2.9 [m/s]
M sin i = 2.3 [Jupiter]
a = 0.25 [AU]

Parameters of the host star:
Spectral type = K0V
V = 8.69 [mag]
d = 42.9 [parsec] (based on Hipparcos parallax of 23.32 mas)
[Fe/H] = 0.39 ± 0.06
Teff = 5475 ± 50 [K]
log g = 4.55 ± 0.1

Cochran W.D., Endl M., McArthur B., Paulson D.B., Smith V.V., MacQueen P., Tull R.G., Good J., Booth J., Shetrone M., Roman B., Odewan S., Deglman F., Graver M., Soukup M., and Villarreal M.L. 2004, ApJ, 611, L133
paper (pdf-file)

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