Mike Boylan-Kolchin
Associate Professor
Department of Astronomy
The University of Texas at Austin

e-mail:  mbk[at]
phone:  +1.512.471.3343
office:  PMA 16.324

My research focuses on galaxy formation theory and its interface with cosmology. Recently, I have worked extensively on near-field cosmology, using detailed studies of nearby galaxies to address a wide variety of questions related to dark matter and galaxy formation physics across cosmic time. I combine numerical simulations, analytic models, and observations in my work. For more information, see my research page, publications, or CV (pdf).

Some of the major questions motivating my research are covered in this review article:

Small-Scale Challenges to the ΛCDM Paradigm
Bullock & Boylan-Kolchin (2017), Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 55, 343