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Miscellaneous Curiousities

Over the years, every student collects a plethora of random projects and miscellaneous scripts.  As opposed to just letting these go to waste, I've decided to post some of my random garbage up here for your viewing pleasure.  My hope is that one day, just one person might find something on this page marginally useful.

Codes / Programs

  • 1 Player Battleship Game - The name says it all.  I wrote it in C for some class.  Run it in a Linux terminal.  Source code included.
  • 2 Player Battleship Game - A two player version of the above game.  This one is cool, because you can run it over a network.  It has a server and a host executable.  If I remember correctly, there was a bug where the random number generator wasn't so random, and the ship placement was identical for every single game.  On the plus side, I don't think the professor noticed, as I got a 100 for the project.  And, it makes it really easy to cheat against an unsuspecting player.
  • Binary Search Tree (cpp) - Test problem for binary search tree things in C++.  Let me know if you find a use for it.
  • - A random Python script that reformats a file.  Useful if you forget some of the basic IO commands.
  • PrimeNumberFinder.c - An example of a really really slow way to find prime numbers... in C!
  • Snazzy Snake - There's nothing "snazzy" about it, actually.  It's pretty much the most minimalistic snake game you can make.  Very fun to play if you're stuck on a machine that only has a Linux terminal while you wait for your telescope to collect sky flats (hypothetically, of course).
  • - IDL script which plots three graphs side by side, then outputs it to a gif (see below).  It does this many times, resulting in many gifs.  Nice example file.
  • who3.c - I think this was supposed to do the same thing as the "who" command in Linux.
  • Universal Wine Adviser - A dynamic wine adviser that utilizes neural networks to find the finest of wines that meet your specific needs.

Papers from Coursework


How the Spectrum of a star changes as it evolves - This looks much better at its proper resolution.

And, a comic: