Christopher C. Lindner - Jet Formation


My undergraduate work studied the formation of jets in black hole accretion disks using the Cosmos++ General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamic (GRMHD) code.

Jet Formation Movies

  • Jet formation in an accretion disk around a Kerr Black hole - Here we start with a side view of torus of material around a black hole (represented by red in the video).  At the start of the video, the matter has not yet started to accrete onto the black hole.  The black hole soon pulls the material in.  The winding of the magnetic fields creates a strong bipolar outflow, indicated in blue.
  • Magnetic fields in jet formation in an accretion disk - The same as above, only now the magnetic fields lines are shown instead of the outbound material.  Throughout the video, you can see the magnetic towers form.  These towers drive the outflows seen the first video.
  • Overhead view of jet formation - This video shows an overhead view of the system with both the unbound material and the magnetic fields plotted.  Here you can see the interaction between the magnetic fields and the material.  The magnetic towers trace the outline of the jet.
  • 3D view of jet formation - If you have some red/cyan 3D glasses, you can see my work in 3D!