McDonald Observatory Age of the Milky Way Workshop 2009

Cosmochronology, or the study of ages of astronomical objects, is one of the most fundamental aspects of astronomy research. We know the age of the Solar System to within a few million years, and the age of the Universe to within a hundred million years. But, surprisingly, we do not know the age our own galaxy, the Milky Way, to within one billion years.

This workshop, the Age of the Milky Way, will show you how astronomers are trying to better determine the age of the Milky Way using white dwarfs, the remains of dead stars.

These webpages are here to provide access to online-only materials, such as some pre-workshop training materials, data and pictures taken during the workshop, links to useful or interesting material on the Internet, and PowerPoint presentations given during the workshop.

Important information about this workshop, such as logistics, planning, what to bring, and other official announcements, can be found on this website.

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