Models Ions Including Resonance-Averaged Photoionization Cross-Sections

Model Ions and Cross-Section Files

Download data and Grotrian diagrams for particular Ions

Download Tlusty formatted files for all ions (tar-ed/gzip-ed/uuencode-d; 2 Mb)

Download RAP cross-section files for all ions (tar-ed/gzip-ed/uuencode-d; 6 Mb)


1. old Kurucz atomic linelist distributed with synspec - enhanced with Barklem et al. damping constants

2. Kurucz atomic linelist including quantum numbers (LSP) - enhanced with Barklem et al. damping constants

3. recent Kurucz atomic linelist (with quantum numbers, BPO constants, new format, expanded to 750 microns)

4. recent Kurucz molecular linelist

Closely Related References

Allende Prieto, Lambert, Hubeny & Lanz 2003

Bautista, Romano & Pradhan 1998

Dufton et al. 2005

R. L. Kurucz's web site

NIST Atomic Spectra Database

TLUSTY web site


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