Research Interests

My research focus is exploring and understanding an epoch in the history of the Universe known as the Cosmic Dark Ages. This relatively uncharted phase coincides in part with the birth of the first stars and galaxies, the primary focus of my studies.

To accomplish my research goals, I rely on massive computer simulations. Specifically, most of my research thus far has focused on simulating the details of star formation in the first galaxies, objects which formed when the Universe was around 500 million years old, 3% of its current age! Since observations are only just starting to inch towards directly observing these high-redshift sources around during the Dark Ages, numerical simulations are an extremely important source of insight into this period of cosmic history.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all!
Research Questions:
  • How do heavy elements, supersonic turbulence, and radiation fields in the early Universe influence star formation?
  • What were the sources responsible for cosmic reionization?
  • What is the initial mass function of Population III stars?
  • How are the first galaxies and local old stellar populations, like globular clusters and ultra-faint dwarf galaxies, linked?
  • How did the transition from Population III to Population II star formation proceed?

See my publications page for more information.