Movies & Animations:

Density, temperature, and metallicity mass-weighted projections highlighting the HII region, supernova, and chemical enrichment dispersal from a moderate mass (~40 solarmass) Pop III star. High resolution (~100 mb) version here.
From Ritter et al. (2012)

x, y, and z axis projections of gas density showing the evolution of a metal-free disk. Spatial scale at bottom is in physical units. Time is referenced from sink particle formation at n=10^8 cm^-3.
From Safranek-Shrader et al. (2012)

Zooming from cosmological, Mpc, to star formation, ~1000 AU, scales. Colors represent the mass-weighted number density along a line-of-sight projection. May make one dizzy.
From Safranek-Shrader et al. (2012)

Animation showing a rotated view around a cold, self-shielding clump in a pristine atomic cooling halo. Colors represent the hydrogen column density.
From Safranek-Shrader et al. (2012)

The collapse and evolution of a star forming region in a metal enriched protogalaxy at redsfhit z~15. The three movies correspond to metallicities 10-2 (top), 10-3 (middle), and 10-4 (bottom) fraction of solar. Shown are mass-weighted temperature and density projections along the line-of-sight. Black circles represent sink particles. Each movies spans approximately four million years. From Safranek-Shrader et al. (2013) - in preparation.