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March 20, 2013

-Rodolfo Santana talked about Gamma Ray Bursts!
-Announced details about the camping trip, Earth hour, prospective students day, and the T-Shirt design contest

March 27, 2013

-Members participated in a Jeopardy game!

Sept. 4, 2013

Our first meeting! Power of 10 video and introductions. Record Attendance!

Sept. 11, 2013

-Harrison Stinnett's Telescopes 101 Presentation
-T-shirt design contest announced

Sept. 18, 2013

Rachael Livermore - The Distant Universe Seen through Supergiant Telescopes

Sept. 25, 2013

Cosmic Dawn presentation by Anson D'Aloisio

Oct. 2, 2013

Jeffrey Silverman - Supernova, Dark Energy, and the Runaway Universe

Oct. 9, 2013

Michael Montgomery - Exploring the Physics of the Universe with White Dwarf Stars
T-shirts! We narrowed down our T-shirt design contest to 3 finalists which can be seen on the Gallery part of the website. s

Oct. 16, 2013

The officers very lightly touched on the Curiosity mission to lead up to the Friday talk.
We announced the T-shirt contest winner as the Fishernaut t-shirt! Congratulations Michael Barton!

Oct. 23, 2013

Keaton Bell, a 3rd year graduate student here at UT will be telling us about his research and experience here as he pursues PhD!

Oct. 30, 2013

All Hallow's Eve fun! We ate candy and cupcakes and dressed up. Thanks to everyone who came out and participated!

Nov. 6, 2013

Sarah Tuttle! VIRUS on the HET! And HETDEX - that magical acronym you always hear about!

Nov. 13, 2013

Nov. 20, 2013

Steve Finkelstein - Searching for the Most Distant Galaxies. Dr. Finkelstein presented a concise overview of his methods of observation and why/how certain very publicized topics of astronomy are actually important or confounding to astronomers and physicists.

Nov. 27, 2013


Dec. 4, 2013

Last meeting of the semester so perfectly placed in the middle of the stressful last week or so of the semester to give our members a quick and much needed break.