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This is the website for Astronomy Students Association at the University of Texas at Austin! For more information about us, visit the About Us page! Also, join our facebook page!

Next Meeting

Who: All of YOU!
What: First meeting of the Fall semester!
When: Wednesday, September 3 at 5:30 PM!
Where: RLM 15.216B, the Astronomy classroom!

Future news!

News from the future!

This coming semester we'll bring back Jeopardy! We'll also hope to host our annual graduate student panel who will answer any questions any of you have concerning graduate school or any future life plans! We'll also bring back a scavenger hunt for willing participants (it's really fun!).

Introducing our newest member to the game family - Astro-rades! Imitate your favorite cataclysmic variable in our fun, custom twist on this classic!

Recent News

We of the ASA hope each of our members had a fantastic star-loving filled break! The first meeting of the semester will not be held on the first Wednesday, Jan. 15, but will be on the second Wednesday, Jan. 22.

Camping was a major success! The turnout was great, the sky was clear, and the weather was dreamy! Thanks everyone for coming out!
UPDATE: Pictures to come on a flickr album

Guest Speakers

For more information regarding the Pulsating White Dwarf stream led by one of our guests, Dr. Mike Montgomery, click here! Mike's own personal website is only a few more clicks away! THIS many clicks!

Cool Things!