Travel to McDonald Observatory


From El Paso
Travelling by air, through El Paso, is often the preferred route, for El Paso's somewhat wider availability of flights and rental cars. The drive to McDonald is approximately 3½ hours. Take I-10 to Kent and 118 south to the observatory.

From Midland/Odessa
From Midland/Odessa, the drive is approximately 3 hours. Take 1-20 west through Pecos to Kent, then 118 south to the observatory.

An alternate route is to take highway 17 south at Pecos to Balmorhea and Fort Davis, then highway 118 north to McDonald.


Links to resources in the vicinity of the observatory can be found at the Visitor Center's Visiting the Observatory page.

Astronomer's Lodge
The Lodge accommodates astronomers and staff on official business at McDonald. Rates, services and additional details here.


The current weather at McDonald.


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McDonald Observatory
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