Robert E. Eberly

Robert E. Eberly (BS '39 Penn State) serves as Chairman of the Board of Eberly & Meade, Inc., an oil and natural gas exploration and production firm. He also has served as chairman of the board of directors for numerous other corporations and organizations. His wife, Elouise, is an honorary alumna of Penn State. Eberly has generously supported higher education at Penn State for several decades through his own personal philanthropy and as a trustee of the Eberly Family Charitable Trust. His sisters, Carolyn Blaney and Margaret George, also serve as trustees of the Eberly Family Trust. In 1990, the College of Science at Penn State was renamed the Eberly College of Science to recognize the support of Eberly and his family. In addition to support for the Hobby-Eberly Telescope, they have created endowed faculty chairs in each of the college's eight departments as well as supported a variety of programs and projects university-wide.