2.7m Telescope

Cassegrain f/17.7

LCS-Spectropolarimeter (SPol)
Scientist: Dr. Gary Hill, (512) 471-1477, hill@astro.as.utexas.edu

An adaptation of the LCS for spatially and spectrally resolved polarization measures. The effective slit length (field of view) is 60 arcsec. All LCS gratings can be used with the polarimeter hardware. TI1 and CC1 are both available for use with SPol. Polarimetry requires very high signal-to-noise ratio compared to ordinary spectroscopy, and a rough limiting magnitude would be sigma= 0.5% polarization on a 15.0 mag object in 1 hour. It should be noted that the SPol is not a simple instrument, and has very expensive, fragile optics. It is thus imperative that observers from outside institutions collaborate with a knowledgeable UT Austin observer who has experience with the instrument and who will take part in at least the first couple of observing runs.

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10 September 1999
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