Computing Services Staff

Anita Cochran
RLM 15.212, 471-1471 (office), anita@astro
Group supervisor.

Cloud Mason
RLM 15.320H, 232-2582 (office), cmason@astro

Paul Morris
RLM 15.320B, 471-3334 (office), pmorris@astro

Michael Mosier
RLM 15.320G, 471-3343 (office), mdm4435@astro

Anthony Seekatz
RLM 15.320A, 471-1341 (office), aseekatz@astro

Jim Umbarger
RLM 15.320G, 471-3338 (office), jimum@astro
Astronomy course web pages, power point presentation help, www support, maintainer of Department of Astronomy and Observatory web pages, etc.

Student Technician

Paris Jones
RLM 15.320, pj4365@astro