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BoV Bylaws Amendment Enacted for Couples Memberships

James Lattimore

By a recent count, the Board of Visitors membership included 27 couples who belong to the organization jointly. In line with recent efforts to bring the Board of Visitors’ Bylaws into alignment with practice, the BoV Executive Committee proposed that the following amendment be adopted at the February 9, 2013 meeting, inserting a Section 13 (“Couples Membership”) and renumbering the previous section 13 (“Resignation) as Section 14.

The language of the new Section 13 is as follows:

Section 13 Couples Membership.
The membership for Members, Associate Members and Members-at-Large may, with Executive Committee approval, consist of a couple. The couple will be asked to pay a single annual gift appropriate for their membership category. In such an instance, the couple shall act as one person and be allowed to cast only one vote when called upon to vote and if appointed to any office or committee, shall designate one or the other as the serving member. Upon the death of either person, the survivor may continue as a member and in any office or committee position.

The complete Bylaws, as amended at the February 2013 meeting, can be found at:

BoV Bylaws amended February 9, 2013

[James Lattimore
Chair, Bylaws Committee]

February 2013
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