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Theory Group : Extragalactic Astrophysics : Clusters of Galaxies

Milos Milosavljevic, Paul Shapiro

ADS | astro-ph

Milos Milosavljevic  

Associate Professor


Research Interests

Massive black holes; the Galactic center; galaxy formation; galaxy clusters; plasma astrophysics.

Group Areas

Theory, Gamma-ray Bursts, Clusters of Galaxies, Theoretical & Computational Astrophysics, Black Holes & AGN

ADS | astro-ph

Paul Shapiro  



Research Interests

Theoretical astrophysics: cosmology, galaxy formation, the interstellar medium, the intergalactic medium, interstellar dust grains, astrophysical hydrodynamics.

Group Areas

Theory, Cosmic Reionization, Early Universe, First Stars & Galaxies, Structure Formation, Clusters of Galaxies, ISM and Star Formation, Milky Way Evolution

The probability distribution of (εCR,uacc) for relativistic cosmic rays in the bow shock in the galaxy cluster A520, assuming εB,u = 0 and εCR,u < 0.3. The contours divide the plane so that the cumulative distribution above the contour includes only 0.33 (lower contour) and 0.05 (upper contour) of the total probability. The probability is calculated via a Monte Carlo simulation (see text).


Cluster Merger Shock Constraints on Particle Acceleration and Nonthermal Pressure in the Intracluster Medium astro-ph