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Theory Group : Cosmology : Structure Formation

Volker Bromm, Paul Shapiro, Aaron Smith

ADS | astro-ph

Volker Bromm  



Research Interests

Formation of the first stars and quasars; high-redshift supernovae and metal enrichment; supermassive black hole formation; gamma-ray bursts; reionization of the intergalactic medium; present-day star formation; computational astrophysics.

Group Areas

Theory, First Stars & Galaxies, Structure Formation, Theoretical & Computational Astrophysics, ISM and Star Formation

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Paul Shapiro  



Research Interests

Theoretical astrophysics: cosmology, galaxy formation, the interstellar medium, the intergalactic medium, interstellar dust grains, astrophysical hydrodynamics.

Group Areas

Theory, Cosmic Reionization, Early Universe, First Stars & Galaxies, Structure Formation, Clusters of Galaxies, ISM and Star Formation, Milky Way Evolution

ADS | astro-ph

Aaron Smith  

Graduate Student


Research Interests

Lyman-α radiative transfer; the cosmic microwave background.

Group Areas

Theory, Early Universe, First Stars & Galaxies, Structure Formation, Theoretical & Computational Astrophysics

Patchy reionization and patchy H2 dissociating background in (50cMpc)3 box at z = 15.7. Contours of thick colored lines represent different J21 contours (orange – J21= 0.1; blue – J21= 1), and the black contours represent the ionization fronts. Minihalos are subject to spatially-varying LW feedback effect, thus yielding spatially-varying minihalo star formation rate. JWST may able to detect clustered minihalo population at z ~ 15 in regions of least LW feedback.


The Inhomogeneous Background of H2 Dissociating Radiation During Cosmic Reionization astro-ph