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Steven Weinberg

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Steven Weinberg  



Research Interests

Theoretical astrophysics and cosmology.

Group Areas

Theory, Fundamental Physics

Predicted spectra of E- and B-modes. The blue solid curves representing B-modes labeled r=0.3 and r=0.01 correspond to amplitudes just below current limits and within reach of a satellite mission dedicated to polarization, respectively. The hatched region and the dashed curve labeled "EPIC" show the noise levels projected for two possible implementations of this mission [4]. The dashed curves labeled "WMAP" and "Planck" correspond to the statistical noise limits for these satellites after 9 years and 1 year, respectively. All noise curves are averaged over bins of width Δl = 0.3l.


The Origin of the Universe as Revealed Through the Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background astro-ph