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Extragalactic Group : Stellar Populations


Niv Drory, Steven Finkelstein, Tim Weinzirl

ADS | astro-ph

Niv Drory  

Research Scientist

Group Areas

Extragalactic, Instrumentation, Secular Evolution, Stellar Populations, HETDEX: Dark Energy Experiment

ADS | astro-ph

Steven Finkelstein  

Assistant Professor


Research Interests

Observations of the High-Redshift Universe; Galaxy Formation and Evolution; Reionization; Chemical Evolution of the Universe.

Group Areas

Extragalactic, Reionization Era & First Galaxies, Star Formation (Extragalactic), Stellar Populations, First Stars & Galaxies, HETDEX: Dark Energy Experiment

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Tim Weinzirl  

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests

Galaxy Formation and Evolution, Galaxy Structure, Secular Evolution, Star Formation and AGN.

Group Areas

Extragalactic, Black Holes & AGN, Galaxy Mergers, Secular Evolution, Star Formation (Extragalactic), Stellar Populations