Scheduled teacher associate meeting dates

September 24, October 22, and December 3, 2016

The Teacher Associate Project for EXES

The goal of this program is to prepare a cadre of teachers who will promote astronomy within their communities and who will be prepared eventually for a flight experience on SOFIA. Many teachers with good science backgrounds have never had an experience in which they can learn first-hand about instrument development. The integration of science and technology is maximized in the development of a new scientific instrument like EXES.

This program will provide grade 6-12 teachers in Central Texas (i.e., work within 100 miles of UT-Austin ) an opportunity to learn not only the principles of astronomy, but also the technology behind instrument development. By spreading the experience out over several years, they will observe the development and construction of EXES through many phases. Simultaneous with the teacher associate's growing understanding of astronomy and technology through their hands-on activities, their knowledge of scientific research - particularly in the area of infrared astronomy - will be enhanced through regular interactive talks by the co-investigators.

This group is supported in part by NASA under cooperative agreement award number NNX16AC68A, and by a NSF grant AST 1211585 (PI Sneden).

Activities at the EXES Teacher Associate Meetings

Each School year six meetings are scheduled: three during the fall and three during the spring. At each of the meetings an update on the project is given, a topic is discussed by one or more of the investigators and different hands-on activities are presented to the participants. To see what we have done so far, click on the links below.

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